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4 Summer Watermelon Snacks That Are Nice to Your Teeth

With the kids home from school all day, you need your house to be loaded up with snacks to keep them happy. It can be so easy to buy junk food as snacks, especially during the summer since so many of the seasonal snacks are so bad for your teeth (ice cream, popsicles, snow cones, etc.)

There isn’t a more summer-esque fruit than a watermelon. Watermelon is a tasty, versatile fruit. It is great because it has some natural sweetness, so your kids will eat it and not crave added sugars.

Watermelon is also good for your teeth. Watermelon has a lot of Vitamin C, making it good for your teeth an gums. It also helps fight plaque buildup and bacteria due to its water levels; it helps cleanse your mouth. It is a fresh fruit and will provide nutrients and a great taste without ruining your child’s teeth.  


Whether it is sliced, diced, or however else you decide to cut it up, watermelon is great plain. It is tasty, juicy, and healthy. Kids love eating the classically cut watermelon triangles. 

You can buy seedless watermelons if the seeds are too difficult for younger children to not swallow. Some older kids enjoy the fun of eating watermelon and spitting out the seeds. Either way, this is an easy, teeth-friendly snack that will keep the kids happy. 


One of the great things about watermelons is that they are soft enough to blend up easily. Blend up the watermelon by itself, or add some other healthy fruits, and then pour the mixture into popsicle molds. Freeze them for a couple of hours, and then you have healthy popsicles! 

Kids love popsicles, and they are a classic part of summer. This is an easy way to make a cold, refreshing treat for your kids without giving them a sugar-laden frozen treat. 


As I said, watermelon blends up very easily. You can blend the watermelon with some ice and make a homemade watermelon slushie. Again, other fruits can pair well with this to make it even tastier. Many people like using lime juice to add another flavor to the mix.

Kids will love this treat. It is sweet, delicious, and will cool them off. They won’t even know you didn’t add sugar because of the watermelon’s natural sweetness. It is a perfect way to give them a treat, keep them cool, and make them consume fruit. Win, win, win. 


This idea involves getting wooden skewers and cutting up a lot of fresh fruit. You then have the kids make their own kebobs. This will get them a lot of good fruit, making it healthy and fun to make. 

Kids may not go for fruit salad because everything touches. You can encourage more than one kind of fruit here because the pieces don’t have to touch on the skewer. In theory, the kids will only put on the fruit they will actually eat so even picky eaters could end up happy. 


Watermelon is great and is just one example of a great summer snack. Summer wouldn't be summer without ice cream or other sugary snacks, just make sure your kids practice good hygiene and eat far more healthy foods than not, and they’ll have a great summer.

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