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Comprehensive Dentistry

Did you know that you, the patient, have the greatest control over your dental health and wellness? Daily, personal oral hygiene is the best preventative step patients can take to protect their teeth and gums from disease. The diseases that wreak havoc on your mouth are caused by the accumulation of food particles that get stuck on, around and between teeth and gums. Certain dental issues such as crooked and overcrowded teeth or missing teeth can give germs and bacteria more places to hide and thrive. Thorough, daily flossing and brushing usually removes most of these germs and bacteria.

Even the best dental hygiene practice with the best flossing technique and best toothbrush can’t take the place of a thorough deep dental teeth cleaning. The regular, dental hygiene can’t get rid of all those bad bacteria. Over time, the little bacteria that remains after you clean your teeth will build up. This is why we encourage patients to schedule regular dental cleanings every 6 months. Our dental cleanings involve a deep cleaning that goes beyond what your floss, toothbrush and mouthwash can do. They eliminate those stubborn germs and bacteria that you otherwise would either miss or be unable to remove yourself.

At Grove City Dental, we care a lot about your oral health. As a part of your dental cleaning, we’ll also provide complimentary x-ray and a comprehensive dental exam. Keeping your teeth clean and taking proactive measures against possible dental issues are important. Identifying and fixing these possible, additional problems such as crooked or chipped teeth or teeth overcrowding, will also spare our patients from future issues that can negatively affect their oral health.

Don’t risk your dental health any longer by putting off your regular dental cleaning with us. Be sure to schedule an appointment with us today.