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Friendly Snacks for Little Teeth

It’s lucky that kids get a second pair of teeth. They tend to have a hard time remembering to brush and are drawn to all the snacks and goodies that attract cavities right into their little teeth. If you’re hoping to provide your little one with teeth friendly snack options here are a few suggestions to stock your fridge with.

Calcium Rich Food 

This includes things like cheese sticks, plain yogurt, and cottage cheese. These types of food help to strengthen growing teeth for all those rough tumbles children often take. Luckily, there aren’t many kids that will turn down a cheese stick. To make plain yogurt or cottage cheese more attractive to your kids taste buds it helps to add in some granola or fruit.

Veggies High In Water

Celery, carrots and cucumbers are among the many vegetables that are high in liquid. The water can help to clean out their little baby teeth while they chew. If your kid doesn’t love veggies, it might help to keep the veggies cool and freshly cut to offer you kiddo as a snack on a hot day. The cold of the carrots just might win them over.

Fibrous Fruit

Fibrous fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, and strawberries are not only delicious but they can work as mini toothbrushes while your kid eats. The fiber helps to brush away hard to reach areas in the mouth while your kid enjoys a yummy treat.


Nuts can be a great choice for you kids to snack on while they play. Not only are they relatively mess free, but they also are low in carbohydrates which means they don’t increase the risk of getting a cavity from eating them. They are also full of plenty of healthy fats that your child’s body could really use while they run around and play.

Now all you need to do is load up a few sandwich bags of these yummy treats and you're ready to offer your child a healthy option for their next snack. Both your dentist and your child’s baby teeth will thank you.  

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