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Happy to Support Blackfoot High School!

On Monday August 29, 2016 Dr. Bryce Burtenshaw D.D.S.  partnered with Blackfoot High School and Cody Shelly, athletic director, in helping the school install two new flag poles.  Currently Blackfoot High School has 1200 youth enrolled. Dr. Burtenshaw and his wife Lisa are firm believers in the education system.  Lisa Burtenshaw has been involved with the board of trustees in Idaho Falls since July of 2009.  Together they feel investing in children and their education will ensure a brighter future. Dr. Burtenshaw understands firsthand what is facing our youth and will do whatever he can to improve their surroundings, sports equipment, musical instruments, and overall High School experience. Grove City Dental is looking forward to a continued partnership with the school and working with the youth in the Blackfoot community.  

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