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How We Help You Get Over Your Fear of the Dentist

dental anxiety patient Have you been letting your fear of the dentist keep you from going into the dental office and getting the essential dental care you need? If you have, you’re not alone. The fear of the dentist is common among child and adult patients. Patients fear the dental office for many reasons including the unpleasant sounds and smells, fear of pain and botched procedures, negative childhood dental experiences, an unwelcoming dental office environment, and unfriendly staff and dentists who aren’t personable and care more about getting a greater volume of patients through the door than building relationships with each patient. Some patients have neglected proper dental hygiene and, as a result, have teeth and gums that aren’t as healthy nor as good-looking as they ought to. These patients may feel too embarrassed to have the dentist take a look at them. Regardless of your reason to avoid the dentist, you’re putting your oral health at risk the longer you wait to see the dentist. The staff and dentists at Grove City Dental recommend patients come in for a dental examination and professional teeth cleaning once every six months. These regular dental check-ups allow us to catch possible dental health issues early, so you can be spared the long, intensive dental procedures that may be necessary to restore your smile. How Our Blackfoot, Idaho Dental Office Combats Dental Office Fears We take the oral health of each patient seriously. Regular dental office visits prevent future oral health issues from occurring and catch them early enough that they can be quickly and easily treated with little to no pain or discomfort. Your Blackfoot, Idaho dentist knows that even if you can muster up the courage and tolerate a visit to the dental office, you’ll want the appointment to be as quick and smooth as possible and no immediate follow-up appointment necessary. When a patient sees us every six months, there is a greater chance of these types of fast, pleasant dental experience. Maybe it is a challenge for you to go to these regular dental office visits. Welcoming Office Environment and Staff Our dental office in Blackfoot, Idaho are sensitive and aware that the sights, sounds and smells of the dental office and the possible discomfort and pain are the main sources of patient’s fear of the dentist. We strive to make each patient feel comfortable and welcomed. At Grove City Dental, patients will find a pleasant dental office environment and a warm, friendly, personable staff. Utilization of Modern Dental Equipment Our dentists and hygienists utilize the latest dental equipment that is less invasive and provides faster and more accurate readings and treatment, lowering the risk of errors, making the procedure successful and effective the first time around. Oral Conscious Sedation Grove City Dental also offer patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety and fear oral conscious sedation. Unlike what you may think, this form of sedation doesn’t put patients to sleep, but rather helps them to relax. With oral conscious sedation, patients remain awake and cognitively alert. The benefit of oral conscious sedation is the instant recovery time. Since patients aren’t asleep, they can immediately go about their day after their dental procedure. Regular dental office visits are an important part in maintaining your beautiful, natural smile. Avoiding the dentist out of fear can put the health of your teeth and gums at risk for decay and disease which may need further, more extensive restorative dental treatment. Our dentists in Blackfoot, Idaho care about the oral health of every patient and know that fear can hinder our ability to help patients preserve their gorgeous smiles. We have a friendly staff, a welcoming and relaxing dental office, use modern dental equipment and offer conscious oral sedation to give patients a pleasant dental office experience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let us show you that you have nothing to fear about going to the dentist.

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