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How We Treat Your Whole Family

family at our dental officeYou know that everyone in your family has different dental needs. Lucky for you and your family, we can treat everyone all in one place. In many cases, it isn’t possible to have multiple family members treated at the same dental office either at the same time or in back-to-back appointments. This means more trips for you, the chauffeur. Getting the entire family’s dental needs met can also cost a pretty penny, especially if your family doesn’t daily practice proper at-home dental hygiene. At Grove City Dental, we love families and strive to provide the best care for all our patients and their families. We have families of our own and know the hard work it takes to keep every member of your family healthy and strong. Our patients love our dental office because of our family-friendly service and offerings. If you’re looking for a family dentist, check us out at Grove City Dental. Here are some of the reasons our patients love working with us: Large Array of Services Children often have different dental needs than adults and their appropriate dental treatment plans will also be different. At Grove City Dental, our dentists and hygienists will provide an accurate and honest assessment for each patient’s oral health condition as well as an individualized preventative dental health treatment plan. We know that no two mouths are the same and each patient has a different dental need. We work with each patient to ensure the best possible treatment that would meet their unique dental need. We do this by offering a wide range of dental services and treatments. From sealants for your children to implants to replace your lost tooth, your family will find the basic dental service they need. Our dentists and hygienists also teach and inform patients on proper, effective oral hygiene routines that are age-specific. For families with young children, we suggest dental hygiene activities that the family can do together. We believe that the greatest dental hygiene practices are taught and instilled in children as early as possible. Since we care about the oral health of each patient, we’ll refer patients to other dental facilities should the patient require a service or level of care we’re not able to provide. Affordable Dental Treatment Options Even with dental insurance, dental care for a family can cost more than families expect or are willing to spend. At Grove City Dental, we know that your family’s dental care costs are one of your many family expenses. To lessen the burden and stress of preserving your family’s budget, we have a variety of financing and payment options available. A Personable, Friendly and Welcoming Environment Both kids and adults don’t like stepping foot in a dental office. Oftentimes, though not intentionally, nervous patients are met with rude, rushed, uncaring and indifferent dental office staff members. Most dentists and their staff are great people, but some of them have difficulty effectively interacting with patients in a caring, personable, individualized manner when the office experiences sudden rushes of busyness. We do our best to treat each patient in a kind, respectful and courteous manner regardless of how busy our office gets. At the end of the day, it isn’t how many patients we treated, but the quality of each patient’s experience. We also know how to interact in a warm, friendly and gentle way with children that make them feel comfortable and relaxed while in our office. Grove City Dental has been a favorite for many families and it can be your family’s dentist as well. At our dental office, your family will have access to a variety of dental services, a welcoming environment with kind, courteous staff and flexible payment options. To schedule a consultation, appointment or a tour of our office, contact us today.

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