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New School Year? Don’t Forget Your Child’s Dental Health and Hygiene

It's the start of a new school year! While it is a great time to have your child start school with new school supplies, with a stylish, fresh haircut and in a hip, new outfit, don’t forget their smile and dental health. The start of a new school year is the perfect time to schedule a routine teeth cleaning and exam for your child. After all, wouldn’t you want your child to go back to school with a bright, healthy smile? Your child will also like showcasing their pearly whites as they excitedly tell their friends about their summer. At the cleaning, an exam will be done catching potential dental problems that can cause discomfort and embarrassment for your child in the future. Just like starting a new grade in school, starting off with a healthy smile or one with necessary, preventative treatments will give your child added confidence. The new school year also brings about a new routine. Kids no longer get the chance to sleep in and hang out at home doing as they please. The early mornings, homework, exams and extracurricular activities dominate the schedule. The change in routine is also a perfect time to enforce healthy dental hygiene habits. If your kids are not already use to setting aside a few minutes to take care of their oral health, it may be a little bit of a struggle to get them to see the importance of having healthy teeth and gums. Maybe you’ve let the enforcement of dental hygiene relax over the summer. Now that our child’s education is now at the forefront, you may now remember the importance of proper dental hygiene. No matter the reason, the most important thing is to get your children into a daily routine of proper dental hygiene. While regular, six-month professional dental cleanings are necessary in ensuring your child will have a healthy set of teeth and gums for school, it’s the daily, at-home brushing and flossing that plays the biggest role in protecting your child’s mouth from decay and disease. It can be hard to get young children to regularly brush and floss. To help make it become a routine, there are some tactics that make teeth brushing and flossing fun such as brushing your teeth alongside your children for the duration of their favorite song. If you have a young child and don’t know how to start a daily dental hygiene regimen or you need a crash-course in proper dental hygiene to instruct your child, contact our office to schedule a dental cleaning and examine. The dentists at Grove City Dental will be more than happy to demonstrate proper flossing and tooth brushing techniques as well as offer age-appropriate tips and suggestions. Even if your children already have good dental hygiene habits, a professional cleaning and examination every six months will better protect their beautiful smiles. Contact Grove City Dental today to schedule a routine cleaning for your child today so they can begin the school year on a positive, confident note.  

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